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Meet the Team

Helen Usher

Helen Usher Joined the company in 2000 after degree qualification and management experience with a multi national company. After starting at the bottom of the ladder under the watchful eye of her father she was appointed director in 2002 ensuring Stace & Co is a family run business. Oversees all departments within the business and has a real passion for the town that Stace & Co is based in and for all aspects of property.

Richard Moore

Richard Moore Joined the company 17 years ago from a retail/customer service background and over this time has focused on the rental and property management side of the business. However, he does like to be involved and often assists with residential sales. Richard has superb local knowledge and has a passion for arranging events for charity locally, he has raised over £200,000 for various causes in the past 35 years.

Stacy Masters

Stacy Masters Joined the company 10 years ago and is a great asset on rental and property management and specialises in freehold block management. Stacy has worked in the property sector all her working life.